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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Crazy for color

Red has always been one of my favorite colors, and I've been going to town lately. One is under resin which really makes it pop, but the completely inked painting also makes a statement. Trying to push winter away,  I guess.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Adding resin-magic!

I’ve been having a great time experimenting with resin coatings for my ink and acrylic work. I started with birch boards as a base, which is recommended, but I’ve had success with both board and tightly stretched canvas.

What I love is the way it makes colors pop! It certainly adds to the production of a piece in terms of time and technique, but it’s worth it. I use ArtResin, which is odorless and easy to mix up, though you DO have to heed the directions and wear shoes and gloves (sigh). I use a heat gun rather than a gas torch to run over the surface to remove bubbles, and seems to work. I’ve also had bad experiences using blue painter’s  tape on the sides, to keep small droplets from forming and hardening. Instead I go over the drips with gloved hands to get rid of them, then sand off the dried remainder with a circular sander.

I still alternate between work with resin and paintings on raw canvas- tension between warmth that draws you in and a cool barrier through which to view the piece.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Departures and Arrivals

So great to be showing in the luxurious space of Tim Brooks' new expo68 gallery in the Eastern Hills Mall this month. Tim has a great eye for display and quality- all good wishes on this exciting new venture.
In the meantime, do stop by before September 7.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Videos from Art Trail

Two interviews by Allison Horvath and Deanna Wetmore

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beginning to Soar

At least it feels that way. New shows every month, out of town and at the Mink Gallery in Ithaca. Hard to balance with teaching, but not impossible;. I've made so many new friends through the gallery and paintings, I love seeing my work in new homes. Below are some "in situ" shots from the last couple years.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Journey- Show at CAP Artspace through December


The first real snowfall of the year has buried the sidewalks and trees, a beautiful sight- from indoors, of course. My collection of work on display through the end of the month in downtown Ithaca's CAP Artspace is a reflection of what I feel about the season; black, white, everything in between, muted colors but stark forms, creating a mix of sharp outline and deep softness. My paintings range from large reflections of walks up Cascadilla gorge to a view at Stewart Park, to smaller works on paper, sometimes a wash of black or gray, highlighted with small pen drawings.

Growing up in Buffalo, winter was a part of life for us, not something to dread as unexpected, but a seasonal reality to embrace. Ithaca, just three hours away, has been my home for 40 years, and I continue to respond to each change of season through my work.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New work

With so much extra teaching this year (which I'm loving) and a number of shows coming up through the end of the year, I'm excitied about producing enough new and varied work for all the different venues. (Quintus in Watkins Glen and Cornelia Street Cafe August September, Art Trail at the Mink Gallery October, CAP Artspace and Impulse Buy Popup with sister in law Ronna in December.)

Here are a few examples of new things, waiting to be assigned.